Abstract submission

Information for speakers 

Oral presentations: The congress will consist of seven invited conferences from renowned academic and industrial English and French scientists (45 min) and oral contributions from the congress participants (20 min). The language of the congress will be English. Please refer to the program for your conference schedule.

Abstract submission:

Please, pay attention: Submitting you abstract still requires you to register (please go to the registration page)

Content guidelines:

  1. The official language of the Congress is English. Abstracts should be submitted in English.
  2. The title of the abstract must reflect the work.
  3. Abstracts must not exceed 1 page.
  4. The names, organizations, address and email address of the corresponding author must be clearly stated. Please refer to the Word (.doc and .docx) template.
  5. Please name your file as: jepo2016_first name_last name

Templates are downloadable hereunder.

instruction-pour-gfp2014doc med hr-3.pnginstruction-pour-gfp2014doc med hr-2.pnginstruction-pour-gfp2014pdf med hr-2.png

 Submitting an abstract:

  1. Abstracts will be submitted by email at sophie.guillaume@univ-rennes1.fr  Do not forget to attach the file
  2. “Acceptance” letters on the submitted abstracts shall be sent to your email address once the abstracts are evaluated by the scientific committee.
  3. Please, submit your abstract by June 17, 2016.